Fast Forward

Begin to express your goals

Setting goals can be a difficult process. You may feel unsure about where you want to go, which can make it tough to state your goals clearly.  Here’s an exercise you can do to begin to move from vague statements (like "I want to be successful," "I want to be happy" or the one we all rely on too often "I don't know") to clear goals.

Fast Forward
Picture that it’s the last day of the school year.

  • Ask yourself: How would I like to see myself on this day?
  • Ask yourself: How are things different from today? 
  • Make a list of the things you’d like to be different on that day. Try and make your list as specific as possible, including your feelings, relationships, activities, health, performance, etc.
  • See if you can turn these ideas into a specific goal or goals you’d like to tackle between now and then.

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