Coping Skills Homework


  • 5 minutes during one class session
  • 10-15 minutes in a subsequent class

How it Works

  • Along with a day’s assigned homework, ask students to complete a quick coping skills exercise:
    • List 5 to 10 coping skills they have used recently when they felt like blowing off steam, procrastinating, or comforting themselves
    • Circle those coping skills that they now think might have been unhealthy or counterproductive
    • For each circled skill, come up with a healthier alternative
  • Give extra credit points for the exercise if applicable.


  • Helps students reflect on how they currently cope.
  • Helps students learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy behaviors.
  • Helps students see that when it comes to reducing stress, they have choices.

Note:  You’ll find other exercises and resources for encouraging students to take charge of their wellness in the Self-Care Tools section.