Health Resource "Commercial Breaks"


  • List of available resources (available by location on this site)
  • Sample script – highlighting the guidance counselor
  • 10 minutes of class time per use

How it Works

  • Download the list of available mental health and counseling resources which can be found here.
  • For the first “commercial break”, insert the name and contact information of the school’s guidance counselor or other mental health professional into the script found here.
  • Announce that “class will be interrupted for a ‘commercial break’ brought to you by the many people who care about you here at school.”
  • Read the prepared script OR ask for a volunteer from the class to read the script.

Additional “commercials”
Divide the class into teams, give each team one of the resources on the list, and have them each create their own scripts and perform their own “commercial” promoting the resource, perhaps for extra credit.


  • Reinforces that there are many places students can go if they need answers or help. 
  • Helps reduce the stigma of asking for help, normalizing that everyone needs help sometimes.