The Safe Deposit Box


  • Box with slotted lid
  • index cards or slips of paper

How it Works

  • Create a box with a slot for depositing slips of paper (could be a shoebox) and label it “The Safe Deposit Box.”
  • Announce that if a student is concerned about a fellow student’s physical or emotional health, he/she can leave a note in the box with the classmate’s name and their concern.  Reassure students that the box will be checked regularly by the school counselor or social worker, who will follow up.
  • Explain that remaining anonymous can be a less stressful way to voice your concerns; it is neither punishment nor “ratting people out.”


  • Reinforces that “we are all in this together.”
  • Shows that you are working together and making time/space for further discussion and help.
  • Makes students feels that they are heard.
  • Empowers students to advocate for themselves and each other.