Making students aware of support and resources

Health Resource "Commercial Breaks"

Introduce the class to the school

It's on the Syllabus

Make mental health a class priority.

Know and Post Your Resources

Tips for posting a list of the school

The Safe Deposit Box

Designate a safe, anonymous place for students to share their concerns.

Helping students reflect on thoughts, feelings and behaviors

Breaking Down the Situation

Students practice connecting situations with the feelings and behaviors they trigger.

Getting Active

Help students see the link between activity and mood

Identifying Automatic Thoughts - Homework

Students see how damaging automatic thoughts can be.

Stare Down the Fear

Demonstrate that the things we fear are often not as bad as we think.

Time Cruncher

Show students exactly how they

Whose Thoughts are These Anyway?

Students dissect the messages they receive from others and from their own self-talk.

Helping students relax, refocus, recharge

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Make time for breathing, mindfulness, guided imagery or muscle relaxation.

The Check-In

Take a break with your class to acknowledge feelings and concerns.

The Reset Button

Designate a time for students to decompress.

Building coping skills

Coping Skills Homework

Help students differentiate between healthy and unhealthy coping behaviors.

Coping Skills Inventory

Students connect their actions with their feelings and learn healthier coping skills.

Countering stigma and discussing mental health challenges

A Lesson About Stigma

Illustrate the unfairness of stereotyping.

Celebrity Selfie

Reinforce that even superstars can struggle with mental illness.

Thinking about Sharing

Students think about when, how and with whom they might wish to discuss a mental health challenge they face.

Setting Goals

Fast Forward

Students move beyond ambivalence toward positive action.

SMART Goal Setting

Students begin taking practical steps toward reaching their goals.